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My name is Katrina Kimball and I am the owner and soapmaker of Sego Lily Soap.  We formulate each batch of soap entirely by hand, carefully selecting each ingredient for the qualities it will add to the finished bar.  We use the traditional Cold Process or Hot Process method of soapmaking.  It's kind of like our great grandmother's used to do, but so much better! We strive to blend the benefits from time honored traditions of our soapmaking ancestors, with all the finest in today's soapmaking advantages.

I made my first batch of soap in 2002, when a trip to the family doctor for skin problems piqued my curiosity.  (For the story, visit here.)  There is nothing quite like crafting your own handmade soap.  I was quickly fascinated by the whole process.  I enjoyed learning the scientific aspect of soapmaking.  I love the artistic beauty of scent and color I am able to design. I love the textures of the large fluffy bubbles and the thick rich lather.   I love the weight and feel of the bars in my hand. But most of all, I loved how my skin thrives using my own handmade soap. 

I live with my husband in beautiful Spanish Fork, Utah.  I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world.   I feel at home in the rugged beauty of the Wasatch Mountains that rise above our home.  I enjoy the sense of community and the Pioneer heritage we share with other's in our area. This is why I have chosen a Sego Lily to represent our family business.  It symbolizes a source of life, faith, beauty and strength.  The early Pioneers had to eat the bulb of the flower to ward off starvation when food was scarce.  It was a sacred plant in Native American legend.  The Sego Lily is a rare beauty that thrives in the our harsh desert land.
     Sego Lily Soap
     122 North Main St. 
     Spanish Fork, Utah                    

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