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I tried Katrina's Lemon Almond soap several years ago and I was taken by the fragrance immediately.  The poppyseeds, scent, longevity, and feel of this soap are addictive.  Such a nice product.
           -Tina Berryer, Owner of Essentially Made Soap Company, Lake Orion, Michigan.

I love this soap.  It smells natural, wholesome and pure.  It feels creamy and good to use.  My skin is clean and I am never irritated by your soaps, even when I use it on my face.  Once you use Katrina's soap you're spoiled for all other soap.
                     -Sondra Preston, Murray Utah

I am an essential oil user and a believer in herbs. When I found that Katrina uses essential oils and other natural ingredients in her soaps, I knew I had to give Sego Lily Soaps a try. Her soaps are Amazing! Wonderful fragrance that last throughout the entire bar. I feel refreshed after using Sego Lily Soaps.  The biggest problem I have with the soaps is trying to decide which soap I like the best. The Peppermint soap helps soothe my aches and pain. Yet the Tea tree soaps can help fight infections (I used tea tree oil after I had surgery to help prevent infections in my incisions) . Then the Frankincense and Myrrh ... WOW Heavenly! Katrina's soaps makes it an inexpensive but luxurious  gift.                                      

                 -Charmaine Frandsen, Kearns Utah

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