Yesterday's Traditions, Today's Luxuries


Sego Lily Soaps are among the most gentle and luxurious soaps available. Our soaps are made with simple wholesome ingredients, carefully blended together to create a mild and creamy soap. The lather, fragrances, textures and colors will delight your senses while gently cleaning your skin. Turn your daily bath into a pampering experience.


"She makes the best deodorant EVER! By far better than the drug store brands. I have struggled so long to find a good deodorant that controls both odor and wetness. Her deodorant surpassed my expectations! Folks don't overlook this product!" -Kelly

"Love love love this place. I go almost every month to stock up on bath bombs. The soap is amazing too. Katrina makes the best high-quality products." -Samantha

"I only buy my soap here. The scents are wonderful and the soap is very calming for my dry skin." -Shelbie

"Best soap and bath bombs! I'm in heaven every time I use them!" -September

"I absolutely love this store! I decided during Christmas time at the craft fair to try her mistletoe soap and fell in love!! Now, I go every couple of couples and stock up on soap, lotion, bath salt, lip balms and bath bombs. I love how cute the store looks, how homey the store feels, the products are to die for she has SO MANY soaps that are SO amazing. I have dry skin and her products help with that a lot. She is so friendly and nice!!! I love supporting a small town business like this one!!!" -Letitia

"I love these soaps. They have such a rich lather that goes twice as far as commercial soap, they don't dry out my skin, they smell amazing (bought a "manly" smelling one for my husband and it's awesome), and my son, who has extremely sensitive skin, has responded really well to it. I just don't want to go back to commercial soaps after using these! I also love the bath bomb--so silky and yummy smelling. Additionally, the owner is super nice and they have a huge selection of soaps." -Adena

"Katrina's soaps and other products are amazing. I switched my whole family to her soaps because they are so gentle and leave your skin feeling not only clean but nourished." -Melissa

"Love their bath bombs, so indulgent! Everything smells natural and you can tell they use top quality ingredients." -Keira

"I have fallen in love with the products at Sego Lily Soap. The owner makes all her products which include soaps, bath bombs, lip balm and lotion. I love the soaps. They are extremely gentle and make my skin soft. She has many different fragrance options to choose from." -Melanie